MosquitNo started its activities in 2009 and has since become an innovative brand with a stylish and fresh look. Our product range has become a distinctive concept with a new look at products that offer protection against mosquitoes and other insects - this is applicable for our polo and placemat, as you may know for the bracelets and spotzzz we cannot make such claims. Protecting our skin from biting mosquitoes previously meant using sticky lubricants including the toxic substance DEET. MosquitNo thought ‘this can be done with more fun and functionality’. Our concept and products are a new way of trendy, fashionable and comfortable protection against mosquitoes and other insects. MosquitNo triangle concept: fun, functionality and charity, all products have fun and functional elements and we have an easy giving concept for Charity, this means we aim to contribute 10% of our net profit to Charity.

Watch our 60 second introduction video:

Characteristics MosquitNo Brand and Products
• Functionality
• Trendy & easy to use (comfortable)
• Easy-giving concept for

CharityConcept Innovation 

MosquitNo leverages on new technologies, consumer insights and business needs to deliver innovative solutions for worldwide protection against mosquitoes and other insects. These technologies are combined with new product concepts which connect with the current trend for safe and user friendly protection against mosquitoes and other insects. MosquitNo has a number of new product lines on the market in short time - we are waiting for the authorization to bring them on the market.

Product Development

MosquitNo transforms new ideas and concepts into ready to sell products with the most attractive packages and display solutions. MosquitNo introduced a Gift and Outdoor line: Anti Insect Placemats, table cloth hangers for home, garden use, restaurants and hotels.

We've been ranked #17 on the Top 100 list of best innovations of 2015 in The Netherlands. Thanks to our game changing 2in1 insect repellent cosmetics! The Cosmetics Line is our newest line launched in September 2015, the line includes a Body Moisturizer Spray, a Suncream and After Sun Cream, Insect Repellent Wipes and even Fragrances, all mosquito repellent. The active ingredient Saltidin® is used in the MosquitNo Cosmetics line. Saltidin® is as effective as DEET, but it is non toxic. Saltidin® is recommended by the World Health Organization as the best healthy alternative for DEET. Our cosmetics will protect you against all mosquitoes and horse flies, ticks and midges.

Marketing and Sales

MosquitNo has multi-disciplinary teams in marketing and sales. The MosquitNo sales Team promotes the concept, corporate identity and the complete product range over the world in different markets and market segments.

• High quality niche products in a new way
• Products with significant USP’s
• Products with new innovations
• Products that perfectly match the ethical message
• Products that have minimal health and environmental impact
• No liquids, easy to carry during traveling
• Products for family - suitable for kids (> 6 months) and adults

Main Markets
• Europe (head office, The Netherlands Roermond) present in most European Countries
• USA (office MosquitNo USA, Kansas City)
• South America (local office in Buenos Aires)
• North Asia & South East Asia
• Australia